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7,383 People Could Have Seen Your Ad This Year.

Across all of our menus 7,383 different people from all around the Fresno area have looked on our pages, more than 20,000 times.

When you advertise on a digital menu, your ad is not limited to only the people who listen to a certain radio station, or only to those who drive down a certain street like a billboard.

Your ad is seen by people all around Fresno, from all walks of life. Additionally, we can also advertise on certain menus to target more specific audiences. Digital Menus is growing every day, with more views and visitors.

The best part, is that our ads come at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising, no contracts or commitments. Simply give us a call and tell us how long you want to advertise and what you want to say. We will come up with a reasonable price for you and you can start advertising whenever you are ready.

What we know
  • Digital Menus can reach a broad or specific audience
  • We offer plans customized to your specific needs