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Did you know a traditional menu is the restaurant item with the most germs on it? 185,000 per square centimeter to be exact! It has more germs than a toilet seat.

Not exactly what you want people touching before they enjoy a meal. Although this amount of germs has probably helped kick up our immunities in the past, we know that not all germs are created equal.

With COVID-19 on the rise, we can no longer ignore the germy surfaces we pass around in restaurants. As restaurant managers and owners you have a moral responsibility to keep your patrons safe.

Digital Menus is helping you do that with its touch free QR linked menus that pull up right on your patrons mobile devices.

Touch free menus cut down the amount of time and product you are, or should be, spending on sanitizing endless pages of restaurant menus. Plus, they are easy to use and look great in your restaurant.

Digital Menus CONS:

  • Like face masks, some people will resist the change.
  • You will have to explain to customers how to use it the first few times.

Digital Menus PROS:

  • Many restaurants are using QR code menus so we are on the tail-end of the learning curve.
  • Easy to pull up on mobile devices. No app needed on most phones.
  • Digital Menus uses text keywords that link to your menu for added access, and less headaches.
  • Our table top displays are custom made to your liking.
  • They save you time and money.
  • Updating prices, adding pictures, and making announcements is quick and easy.

One of the coolest features of Digital Menus, is that once you have your system set up, you are just a call or e-mail away from updating your menu. Price changes? No problem, and no re-printing. Having an event? Announce it, tip top of the page where everyone can see. & most of these changes are so quick that they come at no additional charges.

If you already have a website with a menu on it, Digital Menus can link directly to that. If you do not, we will create a page for you and be readily available to make updates for you.

Display Options:

From the table top display, to the way we set up your web page, our menus are custom made for you.

Check out these other restaurants who are already enjoying their Digital Menus.

Together we can help fight the spread of COVID-19. Although a digital menu cannot stop the virus completely, it will help you greatly reduce the risk of spreading it among your customers on one of the dirtiest, most commonly handled items in your restaurant.

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