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What we know so far,
  • Digital Menus features your ad to 1000’s of local people every month.
  • There are no commitments and consultations are free.
  • Our ads are more cost efficient than our competitors.
Trusted by your local favorites.

These are some of the menus where your ad will be featured.

If you already have an image, a business card or a commercial you want to display, we can use that. If you need one, we can make one for you.

How will I know my ads are working?

The cool thing about digital advertising is that it leaves a big footprint. After your time advertising, Digital Menus will send you a report of how many people saw your ad, as well as how many people clicked on it.

Additionally, you can ask your new customers how they heard about you to see if your investment on advertising is paying off.

At that point, you can choose to modify your image, keep it and continue advertising, or discontinue the service altogether.

  • We send you periodic reports on how your ad is doing
  • No contracts, you can stop running ads at any time.

The bottom line is that we are here to grow your business and support that goal by trying different things until we find what works. We aim to do this in the most cost efficient way for you.

If you are ready to start getting the attention of local people, you can schedule a free consultation. During your consult we will talk about your specific advertising goals and which price plan is right for you.

Schedule today, ads start at only $50, with a free digital image included.